Connect with new audiences around the world in clear and compelling English.

Where can you turn for help when you’re writing or publishing in English?

We’ll let you concentrate on the big ideas – our focus at Tatran English on crafting the perfect English text for you. Our team has all lived and worked in Slovakia and its neighboring countries. This means we’re prepared to provide you with the best English services possible while maintaining the unique message of your original work.

See exactly how we can help introduce your ideas
to the world without any limits.


Guarantee precision.

A qualified native speaker checks for errors and improves the syntax and style of your text.


Make an impact.

We’ll create a strategic text for your business or website that calls your audience to action and delivers results.


Get a second (or third) opinion.

Considering a new opportunity overseas? Get some feedback from our team about launching your idea in the US market.


Connect with international audiences.

Speed and quality ensured. Our expertise: Websites and Apps, Technology, Business, Marketing, and IT.

What about our prices?

We have to get to know your project before we can offer a fair and transparent proposal for our services. This means understanding your requirements, the size of the project, and the deadline (among other things). To receive a quote, complete our contact form and we’ll get started right away.

Quality Guarantee

Quality and high standards are the foundation of our work. If you’re not satisfied with the final product, we will work with you at no additional cost to make it right.